Put the

James Bond

in your

Team Bonding

Do you want typical team

bonding? Or do you want

James Bond

team bonding?

At MI6 Academy, we custom-create the most original team-building days and retreats that your employees and leadership teams will ever experience in their lives. Your team members will be talking for years about the cool, exciting spy and commando skills they learned–taught by real-life Navy SEALs, special ops, CIA, FBI, Mossad and MI6 agents.

Most “team-building” retreats
should actually be called
“team-yawning” retreats.

They fail for two main reasons: they are boring, and they don’t challenge participants.

In contrast, MI6 Academy is so exciting, your participants will literally feel they’ve traveled into the plot of a James Bond or Bourne Identity movie.

And even more important, MI6 Academy challenges your employees to confront their fears, and go far beyond their limiting beliefs, in each action-packed module.

Your team members will come away realizing that the limits they had placed upon themselves for how much they can achieve in your company were arbitrary illusions.

The program will push your employees past their comfort zone–thereby expanding their comfort zone to include far more than they ever thought possible. It will push them to test and expand their leadership under excitingly challenging circumstances.

Help Your Employees Become Focused as Special Forces…

As Calm, Cool and Collected

as Commandos

As Present as Paratroopers

As Mindful as Mossad Agents

As Fearless as FBI Agents

We at MI6 Academy sincerely hope that your employees will never need to use knife fighting, stunt driving, or getting out of chokeholds at your workplace…

HOWEVER… here’s a little secret….

As exhilarating and memorable as these skills are for your team members, MI6 Academy is not really about these skills.

Rather, MI6 Academy is about the mindset that learning these skills imparts. Ask any Navy SEAL (including those on our faculty), and they will tell you: what truly separates the victorious from the vanquished, and frankly, the living from the dead… is mindset.

Specifically, the mindset that the MI6 Academy curriculum imparts on your team members includes:

We promise you, no team-building workshop or leadership retreat you’ve evaluated imparts these skills more directly or powerfully than the action-packed days at MI6 Academy.

What’s more, each MI6 Academy experience is custom-tailored to the needs, size, and budget of your team. From easy one-day workshops in Manhattan, to remote off-sites in the Wild West, we’ve got you covered.

I have an invitation for you. Let’s get on the phone, and discuss your needs and goals together.

In this free, no-pressure Clarity Call with me, the founder of MI6 Academy, you’ll come away with total clarity around:

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