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Our Mission

MI6 Academy?s mission is to dramatically increase the self-confidence, skill knowledge and self-esteem of every participant.

Where did MI6 Come From?

It all started with our sister company, Stiletto Spy School. Actually, it started years before. . . One day, a four year old girl looked up at the Bond Girls, Emma Peel in the Avengers, Charlie?s Angels and thought, ?Whoa ? Where do you go to learn to be like THAT? That cool, that sexy, that confident and yes, that ?badass???

All grown up, she kept looking at Lara Croft, Uma, Sidney Bristow ? and asked the same question? ?Where does a regular girl like me go to learn to be like that? I want to be able to fight like that, shoot guns, win at the card table, have that cool, sexy demeanor, and I want to have fun learning it all alongside other really cool women.

Of course, with Hollywood being all about fantasy, there didn?t seem to be anywhere offering what she wanted -- so she created one: Stiletto Spy School. It took years to find just the right expert trainers, develop the unique training components exclusive to the school and promote the idea. And it worked.

Soon, the guys were contacting her saying, ?Wait a second, what about us?? Apparently, boys love to shoot big guns, race cars and fight. Who knew? So MI6 Academy was created ? just for you guys.

Our Instructors

Our expert instructors come from incredible backgrounds and are top professionals in their fields. Here are some interesting facts on the trainers who make our Missions rock:

Our hand-to-hand combat, knife fighting, awareness training and other ?hard skills? instructors all have a military background and have ?field tested? everything they teach you. They know it works because they?ve applied it in real-life situations. In addition, our knife-fighting instructors are former reconnaissance Marines.

Our stunt drivers comprise the only team of skilled drivers in the North East certified to teach these extreme maneuvers.

Our poker experts make their living playing poker. No bluffing. They?re not hobbyists, but true professionals who survive at the tables on their wits and skills, and can teach you to do the same.

Our pool ?shark? has 40 years of experience running the table. He?s brilliant at what he does and a fun teacher, to boot.

Our wine-pairing courses are led by trained sommeliers who are experts at finding the perfect wine for each course of a meal and how each wine will enhance the dining process. You will learn tips and tricks that dispel old notions of wine pairing and will make you the hit of your next party.

Our SWAT team trainers do not make their services available to the public. Their military backgrounds include US and Israeli Special Forces and they actively train Special Forces and special ops teams, law enforcement and counter-terrorism specialists. We are lucky when we can schedule them as they are sometimes called away at short notice to handle official business. When you see their training in action, you will understand why they are in such high demand.